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Post #1 – Introduction

It’s time to reinvent media.

Digital and megachannel cable distribution, along with increasingly savvy hardware,  are making a shambles of traditional media. We’re reaping the downside of the digital revolution while anxiously awaiting the long promised upside.

The average quality of content in virtually all media continues to decline as fragmentation chews up the economic base which supports it. While there are bright spots – like HBO and Showtime – there is nothing to suggest that content consumers are better off now then they were twenty years ago and a lot to prove they’re not

In the interest of increasing the amount of high quality content in every medium, the economic base of all need to be reinvented. For those media where that is not done or not possible, they may disappear.

This blog will concentrate on topics related to the development of new revenue models and the abandonment of hopelessly unsalvageable media.