Post #9 – We need to reinvent media or the future will be a growing pile of crap.

We wished for a 500+ channel world and we got it, which has led to the popular saying, “500 channels and nothing to watch”. We wanted “always-on”, updated Internet news and got it – along with declining newspapers and Twitter news. And so forth.

The decks are stacked against high quality content in multiple ways that need to be addressed as we reinvent media. Television needs the most work. When a car advertiser buys the cherished 25-54 year old demographic, they’re getting people who will never make a purchase decision, along with those who will buy one someday and a few who will buy tomorrow. There’s a lot of waste – which is one reason there are a lot of commercials.

The onerous commercial load on ad-supported television by itself is enough to turn high quality programming into a low quality experience. Who wants to sit through 9 ads? Not the people with DVRs for one.

So fixing TV – which requires the cooperation of all the parties – is a priority for a quality future. Internet companies have made some targeting progress, but really, who cares? Banners are the direct mail equivalent and will never be a big driver of the economic support needed.

And, judging by my own viewing, no one outside of Hulu has addressed commercial issues for online video. Most sites make you sit through the same 30 second spot over and over as a preroll. Hulu does a good job with its commercials.

As I’ve referenced in earlier posts, turning most video into individual streams is the key to carving up commercial breaks to produce the most revenue from the least possible number of ads. And that’s going to require a lot of reinvention.

6 thoughts on “Post #9 – We need to reinvent media or the future will be a growing pile of crap.”

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